VIM3 is one of the few supported dev-boards listed on

The VIM3 wiki provides links to the documentation for using these devices.

Board status

The VIM3 is build-tested every week:

These prebuilts are regularly boot-tested to home screen using HDMI.

VIM3 is also used for U-Boot development, to test fastboot and Android boot flow changes. The VIM3 board is fully upstream in U-Boot. Documentation can be found on U-Boot’s documentation To build for Android, use configs/khadas-vim3_android_defconfig.

Device Maintainer(s)

VIM3 is co-maintained by Mattijs and Guillaume from BayLibre.

To reach out to them by email:

A mailing list for support is also available at

Mattijs is also available on IRC: mkorpershoek at #aosp-developers on OFTC IRC.