For familiarity and uniformity with the AOSP development process, Gerrit-based review and merge process is followed for dev-boards that have their source code hosted here.

To submit contributions for projects hosted here on devboardsforandroid, please use devboardsforandroid Gerrit server.

For communities around existing devices that already have a process for their contributions, reviewing and merging, we can continue to follow the same.

Requirements for adding Devboards

We are excited to add Devboards here, but it is important to put some rules for adding and keeping the Devboards in sync.

  1. Devboard should have active maintainer(s) that are responsible for them.

  2. AOSP/main should be built and boot tested to UI with the Devboard within a 30 day cycle.

  3. Mandatory availability of a mechanism that shows the health of the Devboard. It could be CI loop, or something similar.

  4. Source code should be available - same as would be expected if the Devboard was in AOSP.

  5. Device deprecation: If there is no update or the Devboard is broken with AOSP/main for > 3 months, it would be deprecated. Orphaned Devboards are not useful for the community.


We have a couple of IRC channels on OFTC

  • #linaro-android to interact with the team at Linaro that works on Android

  • #aosp-developers as a community go-to place

Google Groups

A few Google groups around various topics of interest related to AOSP are also a good source of information and troubleshooting: